True Love … is it predestined?

Haven’t we all heard that we have one true love and one day that person will come to us and we will just KNOW?

Dr. Galician number one love myth in her text, Love Sex & Romance in the Media is known other than:

“Your perfect partner is cosmically predestined, so nothing/nobody can ultimately separate you.”

Courtesy from ABC AustrailiaSure it seems surreal, but there are many who truly believe this love myth. In fact, according to Dr. Galician’s text, a “Rutgers University National Marriage Project study of 1,0003 young adults ages 20 to 29 showed a shocking majority (94%) of the never-married singles had a romantic, unrealistic view of marriage that included staying single until they found a ‘perfect’ mate.”

It has also been known that media critics suggest television is partly responsible for these irrational viewpoints since the majority of TV writers are young and single. Love is one of the oldest and widely praised emotion that is constantly exploited on TV such as the reality dating shows. Media critics have more than once calls these shows, “fruitless searches for the perfect mates.”

One blogger posted up a snapshot of her journal doodled with a checklist of what a perfect mate has to have. (39 points to be exact)

Another blogger had doubts, but after a month worth of lame advertisements on TV did she sub scumming to filling out of those dating surveys anyway. Realized after that 200th question of compatibility including, “Would you like her to respect your views?” After a grueling process of answer idiotic questions when honestly some should be left unanswered, she finally said, ‘There’s never a Perfect match.’

Below is a short list of what forms of medium are illustrating this love myth.

Movies -Bridget Jones’s Diary, Brigadoon, Cinderella, Fools Rush In, Grosse Pointe Blank, Only You, Sleepless in Seattle, Sliding Doors, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, What Dreams May Come, When Harry Met Sally, Women on Top

Music – You Are My Destiny, You Were Meant for Me

Television – Dharma and Greg, Friends, Sex and the City

A YouTube video below shows several women describing their “perfect” mate.


Love = Great Sex?

As that saying goes, SEX … it’s what’s make the world go round. (Is that how it goes?.)

It is one of the many characteristics that we humans have in common with all species. (Yes … including the praying mantis and probably ferrets … weird I know)

It is also a characteristic that sometimes makes or breaks-up relationships. Mary-Lou Galician’s textbook, “Love, Sex, Romance in the Media” has identified 12 love myths, including this one.

If your partner is truly meant for you, sex is easy and wonderful.

I can’t help but add that this idea sometimes leads to divorce when all the couple needed to do is work it out…but I digress.

Sex is an intimate subject that is used as a driving marketing tool for most media outlets. Magazines are a big part of this. According to Galician, “Magazines are often considered cultural barometers.” Women magazine’s are just as explicit as the ones that targets men.

Sex is promoted as an elixir to our society and as Galician puts it, “sex sell.” With these magazine covers advertising sex in an enticing way, it helps supports the publications while also fueling the minds of male and female readers of what love and sex are suppose to mean.

Glamour Magazine has an online sex survey that asks for the reader’s thoughts on whether being in love improves their sex life or vice versa.Here are some headlines on some popular magazine covers.

Courtesy from Cosmopoltain


“7 Relationship Truths Every Women in Love Must Learn” (That we MUST learn they say…)

Courtesy from Cosmopoltain

“Every Guy’s Private Marriage Checklist” (wow…a checklist?… Really?)

Courtesy from Maxim

“SEX ME! – All Roads Leads to Her Bed” (wow…that sucks to be us…what if the guy is a douchebag…)

Influence … Video Games?

It’s been a known fact that experts and Joe Shmoe say that video games influence those that play them.

Then there are those that argue they don’t.

I say there are some that do … and don’t.

Courtesy from ps2media.gamespy.comLet’s take the well-known game, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, it is “the hottest selling and, by reputation, one of the most violent game on today’s video market.”

In the defense for who do believe games influence gamers … to violence, teenager Devin Moore is a prime suspect for this suspicion. In fact, in 2005, he killed 3 police officers claiming he was influence by the video game, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” According to The Inquirer, Moore said, ““Life is a video game, you have to die sometime.”

Ironically, the same parent company, Take-Two Interactive, that made “Grand Theft Auto” invented a game released 4 months later that say will “will prevent any excitement or emotional involvement, inappropriate or otherwise, on the part of the player.”

Can you say…cover-up?

One can’t deny the fact that any form of medium, whether it’s video games or television, does have some sort of influence to our society.

In my opinion, I think the biggest difference is when the viewer does not know what’s real or not.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Zack Hunter may think that, “Video games like “Grand Theft Auto” appeal to kids ‘who don’t know the difference between fiction and reality.'”

Blogger, Jay C posted a video of a documentary that depicts how video games affects our culture. He says, “Directors Marcin Ramocki and Justin Strawhand have created ‘8-Bit’, a film that examines the affect video games have had on our culture, whether it be through art, music or other creative outlets.

An artwork below from uses our favorite Nintendo characters as players of violence.

Courtesy from