Love = Great Sex?

As that saying goes, SEX … it’s what’s make the world go round. (Is that how it goes?.)

It is one of the many characteristics that we humans have in common with all species. (Yes … including the praying mantis and probably ferrets … weird I know)

It is also a characteristic that sometimes makes or breaks-up relationships. Mary-Lou Galician’s textbook, “Love, Sex, Romance in the Media” has identified 12 love myths, including this one.

If your partner is truly meant for you, sex is easy and wonderful.

I can’t help but add that this idea sometimes leads to divorce when all the couple needed to do is work it out…but I digress.

Sex is an intimate subject that is used as a driving marketing tool for most media outlets. Magazines are a big part of this. According to Galician, “Magazines are often considered cultural barometers.” Women magazine’s are just as explicit as the ones that targets men.

Sex is promoted as an elixir to our society and as Galician puts it, “sex sell.” With these magazine covers advertising sex in an enticing way, it helps supports the publications while also fueling the minds of male and female readers of what love and sex are suppose to mean.

Glamour Magazine has an online sex survey that asks for the reader’s thoughts on whether being in love improves their sex life or vice versa.Here are some headlines on some popular magazine covers.

Courtesy from Cosmopoltain


“7 Relationship Truths Every Women in Love Must Learn” (That we MUST learn they say…)

Courtesy from Cosmopoltain

“Every Guy’s Private Marriage Checklist” (wow…a checklist?… Really?)

Courtesy from Maxim

“SEX ME! – All Roads Leads to Her Bed” (wow…that sucks to be us…what if the guy is a douchebag…)


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  1. Wow. This post cracks me up becuase it seems like its a growing theme in our society and unfortunately people are buying into it. Great sex = sexual compatibility. Can you have great sex with someone you are in love with? Yes. Can you be in love with someone and not have great sex? Yes. Sex is all about communication, its something we were given to enhance our reltionships and ultimately reproduce. People in our society tend to forget that. That’s why we have sex, that’s why animals have sex. Personally I believe that love enhances a sexual relationship but just becuase the sex may go south doesn’t mean there isn’t any love anymore. The way a person feels about another person can’t always be changed but with some patience and understanding people can learn how to better please their partners.

  2. Thanks for ridiculing my post Sarah. =P

    But I agree with what you are saying. Course with each wisdom, there is always the trial and error.

    Here’s a scenario for you. What if your partner shows and displays all the signs of loving you, including the sex etc, however is cheating on you. The thing is … you already knew, but because he shows all the signs and displays them you still think he’s the one. Is it possible for a person to believe they are in love yet is cheating themselves at true happiness?

  3. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

    • Thanks so much! I’m sorry but I will now start writing more. Did you have anything to add to this blog? your comments?

  4. like

  5. Highly descriptive article, I loved that bit. Will there bee a part 2?

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